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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

ABC Audio Studios is the ABC's digital-first audio content production house. We make compelling and distinctive podcasts for an audience on-the-go. 

Before pitching a podcast series, please look over our suite of podcasts to ensure you're pitching something new.

It's also worth reading these articles which give you a sense of the type of podcasts we're looking to create:

We're looking for podcasts that:

  • Are original, entertaining and something we haven't heard before
  • Use a unique style, a format native to podcasting, and sustain across a series
  • Feature new or different voices talking about diverse topics
  • Reflect contemporary Australia
  • Appeal to a targeted and niche audience 
  • Can find passionate followers who will share the word

We are NOT looking for podcasts that: 

Tips and contacts:

If you're pitching for the first time, here are some tips on how to do it well. We also love the BBC's commandments on what makes podcasts distinct from radio:

1. A podcast is not a radio programme even if radio programmes are consumed as podcasts.

2. For a younger generation who will never own a radio, podcasts are their radio but, reread rule 1.

3. The story and topic will always be the guide for the length of a podcast.

4. Podcasts are built for the headphone generation, be respectful, warm and gentle inside their heads.

5. Use your f-bombs wisely; be informal, be intimate, but, the freedom to use raw language does not mean it’s an obligation.

6. Podcasts are a visually powerful form of audio, they can be cinema for the ears.

7. The angels are in the detail, podcasts tell big, thorny and emotionally complex stories, real and made up.

8. Podcasts offer clarity in chaos; in a manic news cycle, podcasts offer focus and context.

9. Podcasts are tribal; they bond and deepen communities.

10. Regardless of where they spring from podcasts are natively global digital forms of audio.

11. Podcasts are agile; they can take all the rules above and change them, except rule 1.

If you’ve got any questions, email

If you have a one-off audio documentary idea, it's best to pitch to RN's Earshot or History Listen here.

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